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Engineering & Fabrication

如果您为工程客户制作的产品需要激光切割,请节省这些电话和文书工作,并与SSC Laser合作。欧宝体育客服电话无论是平坦,折叠,管子还是盒子……或所有东西,我们都可以在一个站点上。今天打电话给我们!

Whilst working with the engineering and fabrication sector, we see a varied array of requests, ranging from components and parts for the construction industry, gym equipment, to balustrades for sports arenas, to components for decorative architecture – we’ve even made parts for James Bond! You could say we’ve seen it all!

Is there a material most frequently used within this sector?

由于我们看到了各种各样的要求,因此没有一种材料bestto use when working for the engineering and fabrication sector. As enquiries can vary drastically, a material that is perfect for one application might not be as well suited to the next – we speak to our customers to determine what they want, we manufacture their parts exactly to requirement and deliver directly on the agreed date.

However, we’ve found that the most common material we work with is mild steel: mainly S275, but also S355, as these are structural grade steels, so they are able to withstand the requirements of the industry as they are both able to cope with significant pressure, whilst being able to be machined and welded relatively easily!

What processes do you carry out most often for the engineering/fabrication sector?

Since the engineering and fabrication industry is so all-encompassing, it really varies project to project as to which processes are needed. We use a number of laser cutting processes during any given project: most commonly flatbed laser cutting, tube laser cutting, and even secondary operations such as press braking, machining and bright zinc plating.

Flatbed Laser Cutting

平板激光切割can either be used for small or large batches, for structural components where complete accuracy is key, or for more creative and decorative designs such as the below!平板激光切割

Working with one engineering firm, we laser cut components for their fun and innovative chalk bowls. Once all components were put together, the final piece was truly impressive, perfect to act as that little reminder and motivation to push that tiny bit harder during a workout!

Tube Laser Cutting

One of our larger projects involved tube laser cutting, amongst a whole load of other processes such as flatbed laser cutting, box section laser profiling and also cutting circular hollow section and angle.

Pallet for engineering tube laser cutting


Laser Cutting Box Section

tube laser cut components leg press Components were produced for this isolated leg press by laser cutting box section. Our laser cutting machines allow us to easily cut tube and square box sections. Here, accuracy is of the utmost importance in order to keep users safe and the machine in fine working order. This method also allows clients to tab and slot box sections which improve the speed of the manufacturing process, which avoids setting out measurements and removes the need for jigging and tooling.


Our 7-axis machine allows us to create complex folds, in minimal lead times, so that we can deliver your parts to you in impressive timeframes.

Mild steel is often used within the engineering and fabrication industry, in order to keep costs low wherever possible. We laser cut to our client’s exact requirements and fold the materials into shape using our press brake machine. The client will then paint the parts before dispatching to their customers.

laser cut steel strings

但是,为工程和制造部门生产零件不是allbalustrades and cappings.. a slightly different project we’ve manufactured components for recently really demonstrates the vast capabilities of our amazing laser cutting machines.

We worked with a company that specialises in decoration and design for venue unveilings, providing mild steel strings, which were later lit up at the Unit London art gallery. We think it looks spectacular, if we may say so ourselves!

We’ve also contributed to the development of BBC Cardiff, Cheltenham Racecourse, the redevelopment of Ashton Gate Stadium in Bristol, and the redevelopment of Anfield, home of Liverpool FC – producing steel balustrades, metal components and decorative pieces.


我们总是looking to expand our expertise and provide you with the best skills and services possible, so get in contact欧宝平台 with any projects you have in mind or We look forward to hearing from you!

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